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EASA Cert #145.6458 FAA Lic. #U74R497B
High Quality Backlights

Keep Your Displays Looking Like New with Backlights & Screen Cleaner

Put an end to flickering and dimly lit displays. USA’s backlights ensure optimum readability, proper color display and superior performance with continuous use.

Whether you need 2 lamps or 200,000, USA can supply them. We stock backlights from manufacturers with strict quality control standards. Lamps are tested for longevity, shock and impact resistance, glass strain, brightness and chromaticity. USA stands by the quality of the backlights with extended warranties up to 18 months.
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Try the cleaner that’s safe and effective for LED and LCD displays and related components.
  • Reduces Static
  • Repels Water, Dust, Oil and Other Contaminants
  • Enhances the “Optical Experience”
  • Repels and Reduces Smudges and Fingerprint Contamination
  • Decreases Repetitive Maintenance
  • 100% Sustainable

Use it on flat panels, TVs, iPads, tablets, capacitive touch screens, smartphones, POS systems, kiosks, ATMs, laptop screens, slot machines … and much more!

16 oz: $11.95 • 32 oz: $19.95 • 1 Gallon: $69.95 • Plus Shipping

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EASA Cert #145.6458 FAA Lic. #U74R497B
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