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Always Having to Change Out Your POS Backlights? We Can Replace Your Old CCFL's with Reliable LED Technology!

POS systems are the heart of retail cash management.
Proper maintenance of POS monitors enables retailers to keep
more of the money they make in the till. That's why it's more
important than ever to replace CCFLs with LED backlights.

Here’s why LEDs crush the performance of the old backlights:

  • Longer life (CCFLs last 6 months; LEDs last 3 years!)
    • CCFLs are environmentally sensitive and may last 3
      months, 6 months, 12 months, depending on the
    • LEDs are less environmentally sensitive and are
      designed to last 3 years or more!
  • Lower energy costs
  • Low voltage
  • Mercury-free
  • Saves money
  • Improves color gamut
  • Enhances contrast ratios

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About United Service Applications
USA is a long-established expert in the service of LCDs and flat panels. We are not just a backlight and polarizer change house. We repair your asset to the component level, rather than just swapping out the board. We are both an analog and digital repair depot and can service FL inverters, power supplies and mother boards down to transistors, capacitors and sub-assemblies.

USA is now a pioneer in LED technology and is in the process of applying for a patent for its CCFL-to-LED migration path system.

Brands Serviced By USA

ACER Alienware Apple
Asus Compaq Dell
Fujitsu Gateway Hewlett Packard
Lenovo Microstar  




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