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Extend the Life of Your Displays

Do you want to avoid the expense of replacing faulty electronic displays and related components? Consider it done when you turn to the fast, professional repair service at USA. Our full-service, component-level repair facilities in California and Nevada offer the expertise and capacity to recondition thousands of LCD, LED, EL and plasma display units each week. Our team will extend the life of your display equipment, saving you money and keeping your business productive.


The USA team has the knowledge and skills to repair a variety of electronic systems and assemblies. Our specialties include:

In-flight Entertainment Systems―USA is FAA Certified, strictly adhering to FAA guidelines and regularly auditing compliance. We are an approved service provider for major avionic firms specializing in the in-flight entertainment field. We can even maximize the life of obsolete equipment.

Gaming―Ka’Ching! USA specializes in gaming displays. We understand your revenue relies on the functionality of your gaming machines. USA even has a facility in Las Vegas, located in central proximity to major gaming action.

Point of Sale (POS) Displays―Rely on us for repairs to all types of POS displays, from cash registers to self-serve kiosks.

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)―Whether your ATM needs repair or enhancement, USA can help. In addition to standard ATM maintenance, we offer polarizer and enhancement films that eliminate glare and improve readability.

Industrial LCD Panels and Monitors―Because these panels often serve needs in critical environments such as hospitals and banks, downtime can have serious consequences. USA offers fast, accurate solutions. We can handle any type of repair, including TAB chip replacements that complete screen reconditions.

Notebook and Desktop Computers―We provide complete component-level repair on everything from your screen to your motherboard.

Data Terminals―Optimize the performance of your LCD and CRT data terminals with reliable service from USA.

Scope of Services

As the old saying goes, “time is money.” That’s why the USA team initiates work on your repairs the moment we receive your displays and components. Our goal is the thorough and skillful repair of your products. We work to get your equipment running again in the shortest time possible.

Assessment―One of our knowledgeable, skilled technicians will evaluate your product to diagnose the problem. USA has hundreds of test beds and power supplies on-site which enable us to test all types of flat panel displays and components.

Repairs and Upgrades―We perform all repairs and enhancements in our facilities, servicing thousands of displays, CRTs, terminals and notebooks each week. Services include:

  • Flat Panels
  • Film and Polarizer Enhancements
  • Related Components, Including FL Inverters and Power Supplies
  • Recalls, Bulk OEM Repairs and Large-scale Refurbishing
  • Tune-ups for Underperforming Equipment
  • Backlight Replacement and Sales

Our component-level repair service involves an in-depth examination of your display panel. We even put your equipment under a microscope to find and fix problems.

Quality Control―USA meets the industry’s highest standards for quality and workmanship. We perform regular audits, and our technicians are certified. Our live, interactive video technology allows you to view the work at any stage. You can see your displays and components in working order before they’re returned to you.

Quick Turnaround―Our streamlined processes empower us to repair your units rapidly. The average turnaround time is just three to five days.

Warranties―Gain peace of mind with our industry-leading warranties. They’re available for periods of up to 18 months.




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