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The Solution for Your Large-scale Repair Orders

USA has the capacity to handle your bulk rework needs. Our technicians have the expertise to diagnose and repair large volumes of displays, power supplies, system boards, FL inverters and other related components. Our efficient processes ensure your equipment is in working order and back in your hands quickly, typically within three to five days.

Whether you are a OEM, integrator, or end-user, USA can adapt its services and facilities to your needs. Wether its engineering changes or you’re a manufacturer in need of warranty service for hundreds―or even thousands―of displays, or OW service USA can meet your needs at all of its facilities. Below are a few examples of our adaptability.  

  • full repair with OEM supplied factory parts
  • On site OEM parts with segregation and reporting
  • Component level repair of boards before or after warranty service
  • Negotiated freight rates based on volume
  • RMA assignment and phone support when requested
  • Drop ship arrangements
  • Support/accountability of buffer inventories
  • Customized packaging
  • Back end fulfillment services
  • Recycle and reuse of failures for excess disposition.
  • Purchase of failures for disposition
  • Additional warranties provided on all service work

United Service Applications is totally flexible and can adapt its operations to meet your specific needs. Contact us for more information.





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