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USA Screen and Optical Cleaner

Only Care and Maintance System for all Display Systems and related electronic components

  • Static reducing product
  • Repels water, dust, oil and other contaminants
  • Enhances user's " Optical Experience"
  • Repels and Reduces fingerprint contamination and smudges

100% Sustainable Product:
Continual long term Cleaning product with minimal long term maintance!

Reduces manpower and repetitive Maintance practices over long term use saving both time and money.......$$$$$$$!

Use on: Flat panels, TV's, iPads, tablets, capacitive touch screens, smartphones, Point of Sale Systems, Kiosks, ATM Machines, Laptop screens, Slot Machines..... and Much More!

16 oz. $11.95

32 oz. $19.95 Gal. $69.95

Plus Freight on all orders.

Email: service@unitedserviceapps.com or call 714-954-1192

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Cards





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