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FAA Certified

What it means to you?
Although United Service Applications, Inc. has been a trusted service provider to the In-Flight entertainment business for over 18 years, obtaining it certification eliminates its client’s from having to re test and certify repairs done by USA………. United Service Applications can now provide RTS form 8130 to its clients eliminating duplication of  the final QA burden, regulatory requirements and costs associated with this process.

At USA, we are proud to meet FAA Certification. With stringent requirements.

Certificate Details
Number: U74R497B
Approved for: REPAIR STATION

Entrust Your Equipment to an FAA Certified Repair Facility
The Federal Aviation Administration has strict regulations in place for the maintenance of every airplane component no matter how big or small.  
Repair of in-flight entertainment panels should be performed by a certified repair station. USA’s experience in the component level repair of your electronic equipment along with its adherence to all applicable FAR’s, advisory circulars, industry standards and client specifications ensures that all essential repairs that restore your entertainment panels to good working order meet this criteria while maximizing their useful life.

Most importantly, you can rest assured that your PMA authorization is not compromised.

Quality Repair Processes
You can count on the reliability of equipment repaired at our facilities. USA’s FAA Certification ensures that our facilities and processes are in full compliance with industry standards and regulations. You can count on USA to provide the following:
     - Product evaluation
         Based on client documentation and industry quid lines

  • Bi-annual audit of all repair and quality functions
  • Ongoing training of repair personnel
  • Review of USA’s capabilities list on an as needed basis to respond to clients needs and specifications
  • An uncompromising AQL of 100%
  • Industry leading warranties of up to 18 months

These are just some of the standards you can expect from USA.

Protocols are outlined in our Repair Station and Quality Control Manual, which is adhered to by our repairmen through every stage of repair from assessment to testing and repair. This manual has been reviewed and approved by the FAA.

FAA Certified Repair Team
USA has four FAA certified repairmen with a combined 80 years of experience in the component level repair of electronic equipment. USA’s repair team is dedicated to meeting the ever changing need of its aviation clientele. They follow strict testing and repair procedures so that your in-flight components are repaired right the first time. USA is known for its uncompromising dedication to quality, its quick turn around time and detailed service reports.

USA has the facilities, team and know-how to ensure your in-flight entertainment components are quickly back on-line and operating at top performance levels.





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FFA Certified