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High-quality Backlights Keep Your Equipment Working Correctly

USA offers high-end backlights to illuminate your flat panel displays. First-rate backlights ensure optimum readability, proper color display and superior performance with continuous use.

The high-quality backlights we offer are meticulously crafted according to industry-leading standards. We stock more than 600 types of backlights with ratings up to 80,000 hours. USA can also accommodate custom blends, phosphors and color matching.

USA’s Backlights offer you several advantages:
Longer Life―High-tech electrodes prolong the backlight’s life by allowing power to flow evenly through the lamp while simultaneously reducing carbon buildup and mercury migration. Perfect electrode alignment eliminates flickering. In addition, our backlights are constructed with a hard glass with a higher melting temperature rather than the soft glass used in lesser-quality lights. This hard glass contains gasses better at extending the bulb’s life.

More Vivid Colors―The lamps we carry use a proprietary phosphor blend. This formulation's purity emits a full light spectrum with high color rendering.

Stronger Illumination―The inside surfaces of our lamps are coated with a special sealant that prevents the migration of phosphor or mercury into the glass. This significantly lengthens each backlight’s life and strengthens illumination.

Better Energy Efficiency―The purity and pressure of gasses are critical components in backlight construction. USA’s backlights contain a gas mixture of the highest quality and purity to create smooth electron flow, maximize light quality and promote energy efficiency.

Fewer Environmental Hazards―The lamps we use at USA meet or exceed the International Lead-free Standard. Additionally, our backlights have extremely low mercury content.

The Quantities You Need; Quality You Can Trust
USA can accommodate high-volume backlight orders. Whether you need two bulbs or 200,000, we can supply them. We stock backlights from manufacturers with strict quality control standards. Lamps are tested for longevity, shock and impact resistance, glass strain, brightness and chromaticity. USA stands by the quality of the backlights we offer with extended warranties of up to 18 months.
Contact USA for top-quality backlights designed to meet your needs




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